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Hair and Makeup Artistry by Melanie


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Melanie's Bio:

I started out in Modeling, Ramp, Runway, and Photos. Then I decided to go to Marinello's School for Beauty. I completed my Cosmetology license in 1987.  Licensed in both makeup and hair design, I presently freelance doing makeup and grooming for Men and Women for print, runway, and TV commercials as a platform artist and on private clients such as yourself. I welcome all clients  to call to ensure a perfect camera ready day look!  Over the years I've specialized in Hair, Airbrush Makeup, and I travel to service you and your party on location anywhere within the US. I  am trained in all fields of Hair and Makeup as well as, Tattoo cover-up, Lash Extensions, Eyebrow Shaping, Airbrush Tanning, Wigs/ Hair Pieces and Prosethic Design.

I am always continuing my education learning the latest techniques in the beauty world. With my education in the nursing industry and experience with patients with all kinds of disorders. This allows me opportunity to help your beauty stay on tract when ailments occur or surgeries do not have the results you want. This also gives me a leading edge on sterilization which allowed me to create the Go2Brush for other artist as well as you.

I always consider it a special honor to work with Brides and their families on such a special day. From the Young bride to your great great grandmother. I can care for all your beauty needs for your special day.

I am a part of  International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 122



Key Hair and Makeup-Commercial Galvic Productions 2008 Commercial
Key Hair and Makeup-Pacific Plus Productions 2009 Print
Key Hair and Makeup San Diego Style Magazine 2010 Print
Key Hair Fashion Chicago Magazine July & Aug 2010 Print
Editorial Your Wedding Story EZine Aug 2010 Print
Key Hair and Makeup- "Interview with a Zombie"-
Evil dead entertainment 2010 -Short Film
Key Makeup- "The Heart that Sings" -
Neshama productions Aug  2010 - Feature Film
Key Hair and Makeup - The Salesman- Milan Jani -Sept 2010- Short
Key Hair - Wendy Walker- Dr. Phil Show- Dec 2010
Key Hair and Makeup- The Goods Mag - Dec 2010
Key Hair and Makeup for US Money Reserve Testimonial –May 2011
Key Hair and Makeup for Dave Mustaine – Stargreetz – June 2011
Key Makeup, SFX for - Side Effects - Feature - March 2012
Key Makeup for - The Goods Mag - June, July, Dec - 2012
Key Hair - The Last Ship -TV Pilot-  Dec 2012
Assistant Hair and Makeup - La Migra - Sept 2013
Assistant Hair and Makeup - Fearless- Oct 2013

Assistant Hair and Makeup Within the Dark Production - Nov 2013

Convention - Hair and Makeup - Richard Branson - June 2014

Convention- Hair and Makeup - Hillary Clinton - July 2014

Assistant - Hair dept- The Last Ship - April 2016

See my Film work Listed on IMDb

What you should know!
When looking for someone to do your hair and makeup remember one thing "ARE THEY LICENSED?" This is very important to remember! You would not go to a plumber to have surgery so don't go to just anyone for your Hair and Makeup. This is your day to shine! You don't want to be walking down the aisle with your hair falling out or makeup running off your face. Now with the internet this can be verified simply by checking with their name. Be sure not to make yourself a victim, be sure to ask to see their License, this will also save you time and money on your Preview Session.
Only Licensed Cosmetologists can do  both hair and makeup, only licensed  Estheticians can legally do makeup but not hair.
http://www.barbercosmo.ca.gov  (Verify Licenses) It is to your benefit to verify their license because it is against California State law for them to charge you for services if they are not licensed or if their license is expired or invalid.  Department stores (makeup departments) do not charge you for this reason.
Try to save yourself some time and headaches by asking to see their " Business license! " after all you don't want them calling the day before your event to cancel.....Do you?


1.Are they Licensed in California?

2. Do they have a Business Licenses?

3. Are they insured?

4. If they can't attend your event for any reason, Do they have a backup plan?

Any person providing certain services for a fee is required to be licensed by the Board. Those services include (but are not limited to): hair cutting, hairdressing and styling, nail care, skin care, removal of superfluous hair, permanent removal of unwanted hair and the application of make-up.

The Board ensures that individuals and establishments possess competency to practice these trades independently and safely pursuant to the Barbering and Cosmetology Act.

Xtreme Lashes
San Diego County's "Only" Advanced Lash Stylist by Xtreme

Makeup that I use:
While there are a lot of makeup products out there. I like to stick with the most professional products on the market. For Airbrushing I love Temptu because working under hot lights some makeup will melt away. Doing T.V. Theater, Body Art, and Special Effects. Airbrush makeup offers coverage for all of my clients' needs, with full coverage that last for hours with little to no touch-up work needed, which saves you money and me time. For those with sensitive skin I am always willing to spray a small test site prior to your event to make sure you have no reaction of any kind.
Airbrush makeup is designed to set instantly on contact without setting powder to create a flawless pixilated matte coverage that lasts for over 12+ hours. The look is so natural because little dots of coverage mimic and blend with the skin's natural pigmentation which is perfect for any special event.
If you choose not to use Airbrush Makeup then my #1 choice is Makeup Forever. It is the next best thing to Airbrush it wears light with even coverage.

Why You should Hire a Pro

While wedding makeup was once considered a 'do-it-yourself' job, having makeup expertly applied on your big day is now regarded as just as important as getting your hair done professionally. Although you may apply your own makeup everyday and do a good job, you have probably never done makeup for a wedding before! There are many things to consider including choosing appropriate foundation for the lighting and weather conditions on the day and choosing colors that will photograph well and remain classic for years to come. Hiring the right makeup artist will also save you money in the long run as if you choose the right person there will be little to no touch work for the photographer and that too will save you money in the long run.

Most professional photographers suggest that to make the most of your face in photographs you should consider hiring a professional makeup artist (when you think about how much you are spending on your photography, this definitely makes sense!) The wedding day can be a full-on, stressful experience or it can be a relaxed day of pampering. Which would you prefer? The difference will be how many things you are able to hand over to other people. Your attendants and your mother will be caught up in things and you will all look and feel so much better for being able to slow down and let the professionals take over. Hiring a makeup artist features prominently on most bride's lists next to the dressmaker, hairdresser, florist etc. As with any other service you are choosing for your wedding, it pays to shop around.

There are many levels of expertise with makeup and there is a wide range in price. Just remember that like most things, you get what you pay for. When choosing, ask about how they trained, and look at photos of their work. Find out how long they have been involved in the wedding industry - obviously you want someone who is professional and well prepared. Will they come to you on the day of the wedding or do you need to go to them? Always arrange a trial makeup and hair session. A trial should always be done during the day, so the bride can see how the makeup looks in natural light and how it feels and lasts during the day. Some makeup artists use a lot of makeup and this may not be your style. A trial makeup session is  vital for letting you know this beforehand. Some brides arrange their makeup and hair trials on the same day they have a fitting with their dress, so they get a complete picture on how they will look on that day. You might drive a beat-up old mini to work everyday but on your wedding day you want something special. Even if your everyday car is really nice, you will probably still choose something extra special for your big day. Your makeup should follow the same